Problem Statement

Often times, formal medical practitioners have globally been complaining of the increasing human resistance to tropical and modern medicines in fighting diseases burden globally leaving a global gap in the provision of option apart from probably healing or curing on own self without seeking formal medical support.

The alarming global complaints about unexplained sickness and diseases that medical practitioners have for now failed to neither diagnose nor offer appropriate medicine that directly cures the health complaints remains a pressing gap in health care services yet continued discouragement of suffering masses against traditional medicines is on-going.

This group initiative will contribute towards filling the gaps in providing treatment options, offering research laboratory for western practitioners as well as codification/harmonization of appropriate/effective procedures/medicine and interdependency for improvement and promotion of global health, and collective conservation of medicinal natural resources.

Additionally, many native tree and plant species found in northern Uganda are rapidly disappearing, due to overpopulation, urbanization and deforestation. Many communities in northern Uganda are already experiencing the harmful and dangerous effects of climate change, including erratic weather patterns, flooding, and prolonged droughts.

These effects of climate change are decreasing food security and right livelihood for farmers in northern Uganda, as erratic weather patterns negatively affect crop harvest. Two-thirds of Uganda’s forests have been lost in the past two decades, and many believe that if we do not change course, all of Uganda’s forests will disappear by 2050.

This group of concerned women has joined together to initiate forest landscape restoration and native tree species reforestation in their communities and throughout northern Uganda .through the planting of native trees, climate change affected communities will experience greater food security, secure the longevity of native medicinal and useful tree species that are at risk of being lost and preserved important biodiversity in region.

Sustainability of the projects Internship and international student’s placements, research capacity building training, and mentorship.

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