Message From the Founder

Juliet Adoch is a Grade III Teacher by profession,she has certificate in forestry and a diploma in Botany from Makerere University.

Adoch Juliet, founder of Wise Women Group native seed project. that mission is a bit closer to home.

When she set up the group five years ago, they wanted to give something back to the local community. “We wanted to build an alternative medicinal Centre for original medicine to the community.”

As well as producing a vast number of native tree species, its mission has seen Five Points become the first alternative medicinal women's group. Complementary and surplimentary medicinal uses for aproprate therapies.

They also obtain funds from Wild forests and fauna100% Right from the beginning in 2015 up todate..

“We wanted to establish a successful medicine center for sales of products from plants and seed bank but failed due to limited funds. However, we have engaged indigenous women, schools and community farmers in land scape restoration and climate change resilience for realistic forest ecosystems on the ground. And in moyo district, implentation of native trees speices mostly moringa alfera, fruits trees and fast growing woods for fuel to the refugee settlement and host communities in palorinya are so great that results from what, we are able to meet the heart of the local communities and had 100% servival rates of NSP. But at the same time, we process amazing products‘LAGWANA’.and many more.

The products can be found in gulu at st. Veronica's clinic, apopo children and diabetic clinic in lira.
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