Literacy Class

Wise women-Uganda came with the idea of starting up literacy classes in northern Uganda in Acholi region that today, in addition to hosting traditional healers.

Currently, 50 women age 20 to 60, are enrolled in the WWU adult literacy program. Most of these women are internally displaced and tradition healers persons from the North who until recently had received little to no basic education.

They are women who wish to improve their reading and writing skills, communication skills, and life skills so that they may improve their own lives as well as the lives of their children and later they upgrade to a higher level of education through the support of scholarships from wild forest and fauna.

Wise women-Uganda currently runs one consecutive adult literacy classes from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM once per week. Classes cannot be held every day due to the family responsibilities of students and income-generating activities.

The project that is supported by wild forest funa since the back in 2014 has helped the majority of people in community to improve in their reading and writing activities since that region faced LRA conflict in the war that affected over thousands of people to miss education in northern Uganda.

The project runs in termly basis and is implemented by wise women Uganda under the monitoring and supervision of director the people are taught both English, math’s, basic environmental science and they are upgraded to different levels from literacy class to university levels thanks to all our support and we keep running the project as they always say struggle continues.

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