Environment (Tree Planting)

Climate change and unsustainable utilization of Natural Resources have increasingly undermined economic growth in northern Uganda. With the increasing need to promote environmental sustainability in northern Uganda and ultimately contribute to environmental restoration.

Wise women-Uganda contributes to environmental conservation and restoration initiatives through promoting tree planting that can enable to access for lighting and cooking in off-grid and bottom of the pyramid households.

Wise women-Uganda promotes tree growing and on-farm conservation of bio-energy resources and endangered tree species such as the musisi, vacado, mangoes, beyo, tido poi, ya, too, muvule and Shea nut trees.

Wise women-Uganda is promoting its initiatives in line with wild forest fauna global strategy to Safe access to medicinal species and Energy by

implementing a holistic proactive approach aiming at promoting environmental peace and security among the communities and other persons of concern. This is underpinned by the increasing recognition of access to energy and medicinal species such as lwagan.

Key interventions are a focus on access to energy for cooking, medicine, and restoration of the environment; tree planting and conservation of indigenous trees through tree planting. Planting native seedlings at Over champions jusuits collage today labor day and opening a new prayer garden. Environmental director Juliet demo and students, teachers, priests planted 298 native seedlings.

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